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My ex told me today in the middle of me venting “listen I’ve seen and heard about you going through too much shit w/ niggas, don’t worry about them chase your dreams. The right one would come eventually.”

He wants nothing but the best for me… Now that’s love.

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Double crushin’ on the amazing Quann sisters! Out at the & Other Stories preview event last night

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Im pretty sure I walk past a lot more cops than that


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"With My Girls outside our dorms, way back in the day at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  
To the right is one of my closest friends,Chinyere is to the left with her classic Look and Stella had just woken up and didn’t have on her make-up.”

Styling all the way back then

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artist Bryan Lewis creates 45 self-portraits on different drugs

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Been up all night in my thoughts… But mainly in my heart..

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Correction: how did he get this lucky?! 👤

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Young Thugga

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Us lastnight…?! @barbie_est_05 @kyasia_b @dntbreakasweat lmbo